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  1. From 1541 the abbacy was held by a series of commendators.
  2. Other forms include territorial abbacies, apostolic vicariates and apostolic prefectures.
  3. He continued as its abbot even during his abbacy at Lobbes.
  4. Some abbacies passed from father to son, and then even grandsons.
  5. He held the two abbacies and the bishopric concurrently until his death.
  6. Darlugdach succeeded St . Brigit in the abbacy of Kildare.
  7. The sources on Ratgar's abbacy provide conflicting pictures of his rule.
  8. He would spend much of his abbacy there also.
  9. Relatively little is known of Hampton or his abbacy.
  10. Robert resigned the abbacy, and in 1099 founded the double monastery of Fontevrault.

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