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  1. The investment autosurf concept is against PayPal's Acceptable Use Policy.
  2. One is to create what lawyers call an acceptable use policy, which prohibits spam.
  3. During the early-1990s, commercial use of the internet was limited by NSFNET acceptable use policies.
  4. Sending spam violates the acceptable use policy ( AUP ) of almost all Internet service providers.
  5. Yesterday, pursuant to the EveryDNS . net Acceptable Use Policy the primary DNS hosted domains were disabled.
  6. Whether the latter constitutes cheating depends on the Acceptable Use Policy ( AUP ) of the cardroom.
  7. National LambdaRail does not impose any acceptable use policies on its users, in contrast to commercial networks.
  8. Fewer than 1 percent of our customers do things that are precluded by our Acceptable Use Policy, like run servers,
  9. Net Authority purported to encourage an " Internet Acceptable Use Policy " to prohibit sites containing pornographic, interracial relationships ".
  10. If the student violates the " acceptable use policy ", the laptop will not be allowed to be brought to school.

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