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  1. Windows 7 might work with the access mode set to IDE, by the way.
  2. An access pattern is a specification of an access mode for every attribute of a relation schema.
  3. Other widely implemented access modes are exclusive, intend-to-exclude and intend-to-upgrade.
  4. Freedcamp's advanced permission features allow for a project to contain different types of user roles with different access modes.
  5. A system state is defined to be " secure " if the only permitted access modes of subjects to objects are in accordance with a security policy.
  6. These narrow-band channels operate in different multiple-access modes based on bandwidth-usage behavior, including ALOHA and TDMA for STAR return link waveform.
  7. AVSnap has many different modes of operation, including a system design mode, a presentation mode, a remote access mode, and a web server mode.
  8. Inodes store information about files and directories ( folders ), such as file ownership, access mode ( read, write, execute permissions ), and file type.
  9. The entry in a cell-that is, the entry for a particular subject-object pair-indicates the access mode that the subject is permitted to exercise on the object.
  10. In its online version, the " Middle East Report " is made available in a mixed access mode, with some open access articles and others requiring a paid subscription.

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