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  1. It can also be a means to audit users and their access privileges.
  2. To gain access to that data, an investigator must obtain NDAR data access privileges.
  3. Buffer over-reads can result in erratic program behavior, including exploited to access privileged information.
  4. Violations of this principle can also occur when an individual collects additional access privileges over time.
  5. Each directory can have different access privileges overlaid on top of the normal Unix file protections.
  6. Janeway disciplines her with limits on her computer access privileges and restriction to the cargo bay.
  7. You do not have appropriate access privileges.
  8. Several employees access privileges has been withdrawn.
  9. But his access privileges have been revoked.
  10. A company's accounting department, for example, may not need the same Internet access privileges as the engineering department.

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