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  1. A dozen tractors later cut off the access road to the entrance.
  2. Several armored personnel carriers were deployed along a major Hebron access road.
  3. Jay Ward Drive is a studio access road at Universal Studios Hollywood.
  4. They saw two cyclists speed past the checkpoint on the access road.
  5. These two bridges will serve as access roads to the Centennial site.
  6. A mound of earth closes off the main access road to cars.
  7. An 8-foot blast wall is part of the elevated access road design.
  8. Limited access roads that are accessible in neighboring communities include Bordentown Township.
  9. Many of these tracks have been removed and new access roads constructed.
  10. Photographers with zoom lenses stake out public access roads to the estate.


  1. a short road giving access to an expressway; "in Britain they call an access road a slip road"
    पर्याय: slip road

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