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  1. Gaithersburg, Maryland-based Access Beyond brings remote-access server technology to the new company.
  2. Xyplex makes wide-area network routers, remote-access servers and other networking equipment.
  3. Remote access servers enable users to connect to a network from any location through a modem.
  4. Ascend makes routers and remote-access servers, which connect individual computers to the Internet or to other networks.
  5. Ascend, meanwhile, also has reportedly considered a play for Shiva, a Cambridge, Mass ., maker of remote-access servers.
  6. At the MSC, it is possible to use a modem to convert to an " remote access server.
  7. Remote Access Service ( RAS ) connects a client to a host computer, known as a remote access server.
  8. With DASA, the AS5200, AS5300 and AS5800 access servers are all available as part of the AccessPath integrated access system.
  9. About a year ago Microcom began focusing on remote access servers _ computers that link desktop machines with larger networks.
  10. In 1993 Merit's first Network Access Server ( NAS ) using RADIUS ( Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service ) was deployed.

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