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  1. He was physician accoucheur to the Duchess of Connaught, an hon.
  2. In France these male-midwives were referred to as " accoucheurs ".
  3. The accoucheurs argued that their involvement in midwifery was to improve the process of childbirth.
  4. On 3 July 1752 he was admitted a Licentiate of the " accoucheur ".
  5. In 1796, Underwood was chosen as accoucheur at the birth of the Princess Charlotte of Wales.
  6. He was then appointed physician-accoucheur to the Farringdon general dispensary and lying-in charity.
  7. In 1872 he established himself as physician, especially as accoucheur and gynecologist, in his native town.
  8. He decided to specialise in obstetrics and took the position of physician-accoucheur at the Farringdon General Dispensary.
  9. He finds her a place to stay with Adhemar de la Mothe and an accoucheur as Diana is pregnant by Johnson.
  10. He obtained a large practice as an accoucheur and was appointed physician to the British Lying-in Hospital in London.


  1. a physician specializing in obstetrics
    पर्याय: obstetrician

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