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  1. "Will Pepsico's announcement prompt an official inquiry into the accounting arrangements ?"
  2. The industry has long claimed that in 1989 Congress changed some accounting arrangements used by savings and loans.
  3. But the commission evidently did not object to accounting arrangements that softened the impact on earnings after Aetna bought Prudential Healthcare last summer.
  4. Within a few months, he had re-negotiated the supply and accounting arrangements then in place with the War Office for maintaining and supplying the AIF.
  5. For example, they got a memo from the company's auditor three years ago outlining " high risk " accounting arrangements that pushed the limits of accepted practice.
  6. As the savings and loan crisis reached a fever pitch in 1989, the accounting arrangement was phased out by tough legislation endorsed by President George Bush and approved by lawmakers.
  7. Jones said that as a result of the allegations in the Guardia, " we have now launched this inquiry into the accounting arrangements covering the travel arrangements regarding these defense contracts.
  8. "In the environment we're in, we obviously will need to fully disclose the financing and accounting arrangements for the committee, which we will certainly do, " said White House spokesman Mike McCurry.

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