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  1. This is referred to as " Accusative-Genitive conversion ."
  2. 2 The nominative and accusative of neuter nouns are always identical.
  3. The personal pronouns three nominative-ergative-accusative in declension.
  4. Accusative pronouns exist both in a weak and a strong form.
  5. Are " Gangsterfilm " and " Lieblingsfilm " in the accusative?
  6. Murui is highly synthetic, predominantly suffixing and nominative-accusative.
  7. These prepositions can take either the accusative or dative grammatical cases.
  8. They always have an equivalent expression using a preposition + accusative.
  9. The language has an AOV constituent order and nominative accusative alignment.
  10. The indefinite accusative is always the same as the indefinite nominative.
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