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  1. In 1993, he started building the tower, using various unspecified adhesive materials.
  2. The cause stemmed from the way a contractor prepared adhesive material for bonding.
  3. This temple is known as the " Kakan Math " and was built without using any adhesive materials.
  4. Lectins are used in attaching nematode to fungi The entire surface of net is covered in adhesive material.
  5. It is a pan with small valleys molded into its bottom and then coated with anti-adhesive material like Teflon.
  6. The original electrical insulating tape was made of cloth tape impregnated with Chatterton's compound, an adhesive material manufactured using Gutta-percha.
  7. PDMS is being used in the making of synthetic Gecko adhesion dry adhesive materials, to date only in laboratory test quantities.
  8. Wong perfected the wash-and-wear cotton shirt by embedding an adhesive material into the seams to prevent threads from shrinking or puckering.
  9. It's important to know that this property of self-cleaning appears intrinsic to the setal nano-structure and therefore should be replicable in synthetic adhesive materials.
  10. Principal of Spain, Ronald Alexander, stated that there was black material that smelled like mold even though DPS administrators stated that it was adhesive material.


  1. a substance that unites or bonds surfaces together
    पर्याय: adhesive agent, adhesive

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