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  1. There was no way of predicting that the beta crystalline form of imatinib mesylate would possess the characteristics that would make it orally administrable to humans without going through the inventive steps.
  2. At first blush, the Court conceded, this rule appeared easily administrable by police officers, which would serve the government's interest in rules that are easy to apply on the spot.
  3. Joel Slemrod, an economist at the University of Michigan, has dubbed the sales tax proposal NAUSEA-I, an acronym for " Not Administrable at Usual Standards of Equity and Intrusiveness ."
  4. Pharmaceutical Product Identification ( PhPID ) uniquely identifies a generic ( pharmaceutical ) representation of a medicinal product at Levels Substance ( s ) / Strength ( s )  Strength Units / Reference Strengths per Administrable Dose Form
  5. "The industry view is that we support a fair tax policy, an administrable tax system, with certainty as a result, " said Bruce Reid, director of state and local tax policy for Microsoft, who attended the meeting.
  6. He also dissented from the plurality's undue burden test, and instead found his trimester framework " far less manipulable " and " administrable . " Blackmun even went further in his opinion than Stevens, sharply attacking and criticizing the anti-" Roe " bloc of the Court.
  7. Therefore, where there are both professional and constitutional such obligations, " the need to protect the employee s speech is augmented, the need for broad government authority is likely diminished, and administrable standards are quite likely available . " Breyer added that in such cases, the Constitution requires special protection of employee speech, and the " Pickering " balancing test should apply.
  8. Three other justices agreed with the outcome of the " Anderson " approach, but believed the proper analysis was to apply the rule in " Burdick v . Takushi ", 504 U . S . 428 ( 1992 ), which " forged " Anderson "'s amorphous'flexible standard'into something resembling an administrable rule . " Regardless of the approach used, a reading of the opinions together results in a holding that " neutral, nondiscriminatory regulation of voting procedure " is constitutional so long as the burden imposed by the regulation is minimal or not severe.


  1. capable of being administered or managed

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