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  1. The maximum acceleration obtained under these high speed moving loads is about 1.8 m / s2 lower than the admissible value according to Eurocode 1.
  2. Prior knowledge on the values of a single variable or a combination of variables can be formulated as a set of edit rules which specify or constrain the admissible values.
  3. Given the formulas for simulation of a standard stable random variable, we can easily simulate a stable random variable for all admissible values of the parameters \ alpha, c, \ beta and \ mu using the following property.
  4. When a path integral is computed in a nonholonomic system, the value represents a deviation within some range of admissible values and this deviation is said to be an " anholonomy " produced by the specific path under consideration.
  5. If the relation between the two real variables is of the form y = f ( x ) where " f " is a function giving a single value of " y " associated with each admissible value of " x ", then the graph is called the graph of a function.

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