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  1. Admission charges were 75 cents for gentlemen and 40 cents for ladies.
  2. The article also referred incorrectly to that event's admission charge this year.
  3. There will be no admission charge, but no details were released Tuesday.
  4. It was, they said, a terrific club with a horrible admission charge.
  5. Promenading piers had a stiff admission charge, to keep the oiks off.
  6. There is an admission charge, and self-guided tours normally require two hours.
  7. The admission charge hasn't cut into our number of visitors at all.
  8. Another popular spot was Coney Island, where there was no admission charge.
  9. Admission charges vary depending on the season and number of blooms.
  10. First of all, to my knowledge, there was no admission charge,


  1. the fee charged for admission
    पर्याय: entrance fee, admission, admission fee, admission price, price of admission, entrance money

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