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  1. The attempted coup d'�tat happened on Hawaii Admission Day 2008.
  2. A night game Tuesday, followed by back-to-back, separate-admission day-night doubleheaders.
  3. The first Saturday of each month is a free-admission day.
  4. Afterward, I heard about a young man at Stanford for Minority Student Admissions Day.
  5. With our special admission days, the exhibit is affordable.
  6. Elected as governor in 1891, Colcord strengthened the state's economy and also signed the state's first admissions day bill.
  7. The First Admission Day celebration was held October 29, 1850 when California became the 31st state of the United States.
  8. When the Phoenix Zoo announced a free-admission day in honor of Ruby's memory, 43, 000 people attended, nearly triple a normal day's attendance.
  9. If a rich Roman wished to gain the favour of the people, he might arrange for a free admission day in his name.
  10. On Sept . 9, 1850, known as Admission Day, President Millard Fillmore signed the bill admitting California as the 31st state of the Union.

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