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  1. One admission price includes entry to the museum exhibit galleries and village.
  2. Admission prices were set at ?.50 for adults and ? for juniors.
  3. Most Memphis attractions give mature travelers $ 1 off their admission prices.
  4. For admission prices and hours of operation, call ( 401 ) 273-KIDS.
  5. When she's on screen, the movie is actually worth its admission price.
  6. Unusual for baseball and most tourist attractions, there is no admission price.
  7. The admission price of $ 11.79 is the same for all ages.
  8. Admission prices are $ 3 for adults and $ 2 for children.
  9. Two bucks ( the general admission price ) is all you need.
  10. The admission price was 40 cents or its equivalent in food.


  1. the fee charged for admission
    पर्याय: entrance fee, admission, admission charge, admission fee, price of admission, entrance money

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