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  1. Pre-kindergarten was established in 1985, as well as morning and after care.
  2. The charity changed its name in 2005 from the Mental After Care Association.
  3. But Gladys, widowed after caring for her own husband, decided someday was now.
  4. And the family faces heavy debt after caring for another child who was very sick.
  5. Three survive infection after caring for bird-flu patients, HONGKONG
  6. She had been recovering from surgery at a Beverly Hills " after care " facility.
  7. AIDWORKER _ Before the NATO bombing campaign and just after CARE's Bob MacPherson was in Kosovo.
  8. The fourth and final phase is after care.
  9. In the remainder 24 % of the cases, children were placed outside their homes after care orders.
  10. In 1948 the After Care Association purchased Georges hall for use as a hostel for elderly women.

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