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  1. What : " Afterimage : Drawing Through Process ."
  2. It's imprinted in my mind like an afterimage template.
  3. These green discs are the afterimages of the 12 lilac discs.
  4. An afterimage of the mysterious spectre glows blue on the screen.
  5. Therefore, a green image will produce a magenta afterimage.
  6. It leaves an afterimage of clearly defined bodies onstage.
  7. The artists also bequeathed to the city the worldwide afterimage of a gentler Reichstag.
  8. Breese also showed that rivalry occurs between afterimages.
  9. Instead, the symbiont was placed in a new female host called Afterimage ".
  10. It lasts so much longer than an afterimage!


  1. an image (usually a negative image) that persists after stimulation has ceased
    पर्याय: aftersensation

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