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  1. Aggressing hapless motorists, pressing their chamois shakedown on innocent New Yorkers.
  2. The suspect was arrested Sunday in a Right Bank neighborhood after aggressing a 12-year-old girl, officials said.
  3. In the next few days, men from Toronto and men from New York will be aggressing each other with sticks, elbows and the occasional hard slide.
  4. He has difficulties working within the boundaries of Wikipedia policy-see this edit, in which he claims that I was " aggressing against " his edits.
  5. Ten days ago, the Sunday Globe ran a story about suburban parents aggressing teen-age soccer referees, which I can assure you is something I would never do.
  6. When President Roosevelt in 1937 proposed a " quarantine " of aggressing nations such as Sears, Roebuck chairman General Robert E . Wood, and Senator Nye on the right.
  7. One objective of genocidal rape is forced pregnancy, so that the aggressing actor not only invades the targeted population's land, but their bloodlines and families as well.
  8. Watching the Philly Phanatic zooming around the field before a game, bumping into visiting players, making fun of umpires, aggressing people in the stands, is a signal for fans to get rambunctious.
  9. Thus a starving man may, in consonance with general morality, break into a hunting cabin and steal food, but nevertheless he is aggressing, i . e . violating the NAP, and ( by most rectification theories ) should pay compensation.
  10. When he managed the New York Mets in 1986, he had to know that Mookie Wilson's seeing-eye-grounder found its way through the gnarled wickets of Bill Buckner as a direct result of Mets'fans aggressing anybody in a Boston jacket or a Boston cap.

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