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  1. "I know I have been been an aggressive personality, " he said.
  2. A hunter is often associated with aggressive personalities who use aggressive sales technique.
  3. Unfortunately, that new medal gives Metabee a stubborn and aggressive personality.
  4. Here are two examples of how a passive aggressive personality can assert itself:
  5. It is ordinarily directed towards a girl or woman with an aggressive personality.
  6. Hunter is utterly convincing as a lonesome and desperate, passive-aggressive personality.
  7. "I think they're casting serious, Type A, aggressive personalities ."
  8. The psychiatrist said Welsh displayed elements of narcissistic, histrionic, paranoid and passive-aggressive personality disorders.
  9. Uneasy with Brotherdale's aggressive personality, the band fired him soon after the demo sessions.
  10. Last week I discussed some of the elements of the passive aggressive personality disorder.

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