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  1. The most important crime in the world is the crime of aggressive war,
  2. Nevertheless, the Tribunal found that D�nitz was active in waging an aggressive war.
  3. "It is perfectly clear that democracies don't undertake aggressive wars against their neighbors,"
  4. In July 7, 1937, Japanese militant imperialism exploded an aggressive war with China.
  5. Therefore, an aggressive war is unjust and we should denounce it.
  6. What was new was the nastiness of Miller's aggressive war-mongering.
  7. Wanted : aggressive war correspondent with interview skills, satellite phone.
  8. Admiral Canaris, for example, had a very aggressive war record from the previous war.
  9. An aggressive war has been waged, and essentially won.
  10. The waging of aggressive war was defined 50 years ago as a crime under international law.

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