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  1. There is some confusion in terminology between aftercooler, intercooler, and charge-air cooler.
  2. At a warehouse, police found industrial-sized gas tanks, air coolers and generators.
  3. Not only is the air cooler, but smog levels are lower.
  4. In general, an intercooler or aftercooler is said to be a Charge-Air Cooler.
  5. In general, an intercooler or aftercooler is said to be a charge-air cooler.
  6. Products produced in the Greensburg plant include radiators, charged air coolers, heat exchangers, etc.
  7. Evaporative Air Cooler ( $ 300; www . convair . net . au ).
  8. thumbCharge air coolers range in size depending on the engine.
  9. The center windows have been raised to allow installation of a window-type air cooler.
  10. At least the seats will be wider, the lights brighter, the playoff air cooler.

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