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  1. Therefore, use of the centre air corridor was the least uneconomical option.
  2. Russia asked Bulgaria and Romania about an air corridor over the weekend.
  3. Why should they have been given such an air corridor, " she asked.
  4. The U . S . government welcomed the reopening of the air corridor.
  5. As the fighter proceeded to Bakersfield, and Los Angeles air corridors.
  6. In January, civilian air corridors in the country's upper airspace reopened to international flights.
  7. But eventually this could be one of the busiest air corridors in the world.
  8. Private CNN-Turk television said Washington had requested the use of 11 separate air corridors.
  9. The Allies also had access through three 20-mile-wide air corridors.
  10. Russia asked Bulgaria about an air corridor over the weekend.

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