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  1. Subsequent to the determination of air crew error, the crew was retrained.
  2. Eventually, 21 tankers were based at Loring, along with 30 air crews.
  3. On 27 June the squadron bombed Bremen, losing even more air crew.
  4. The two air crew members have been confirmed dead at the scene,
  5. The crew numbered 1, 110 officers and ratings, including the air crew.
  6. Six AC-130s and 52 air crew members were lost during the war.
  7. The two air crew are being treated for head and neck injuries.
  8. "The Navy does it mostly with air crew members, " he said.
  9. Only her air crew and the necessary maintenance staff were Naval personnel.
  10. Thompson's statements were confirmed by other helicopter pilots and air crew members.


  1. the crew of an aircraft
    पर्याय: aircrew

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