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  1. If Rothenberg loses, it would be up in the air.
  2. Now he doesn't do any air-conditioner work.
  3. Towers said, using an air hose to clean himself up.
  4. Air pollution from garden machinery can be reduced in two ways.
  5. Would have exempted large bakery ovens from state air pollution laws.
  6. The Germans are almost knocked senseless by the massive air assault.
  7. The air is thick with lobbying efforts to tinker with it.
  8. The company said it would pay the passengers'air fares.
  9. Sooner or later, all cars with air conditioning lose refrigerant.
  10. But American officials had insisted that the air drops were practical.
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  1. affected manners intended to impress others; "don''t put on airs with me"
    पर्याय: pose

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