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  1. They don't have any airs and graces, " he said.
  2. There she acquired airs and graces and an aristocratic style.
  3. He was nicknamed " Gorgeous Gus " by the fans because of his aristocratic airs and graces.
  4. Her father was the ambassador to the French Court at one time so she gives herself fancy airs and graces.
  5. Sheila Willcox married, becoming Sheila Waddington, and returned to Badminton in 1959 with her new, and inexperienced, mount Airs and Graces.
  6. Moriarty responded, " I suppose [ Peggy being ] made landlady [ of the soap's pub ] did that to her-airs and graces!
  7. Yet he was sensitive enough not to make fun of 18th-century airs and graces with an excess of fussy steps and affected gestures.
  8. At age 32, well established as one of France's best young actresses, Ms . Binoche is not one for putting on airs and graces.
  9. It eliminates the most idiosyncratic of Fowler's entries, for example the entries with " unexpected, indeed opaque, titles " like " airs and graces,"
  10. A battle of the egos occurs whenever he and Miss Piggy are on screen together as he loves to poke fun at her airs and graces.

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