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  1. Olbermann looks at this thing Al Gore loves to allegorize in another way.
  2. The dissonance within social life is subtly allegorized by the use of sound.
  3. One iteration of this story, of the allegorized improvisation to suit Olympiodorus'purpose.
  4. Three acts dramatize the travails of the Antrobus family, allegorizing the alternate history of mankind.
  5. Hudson River School painters created an emblematic, allegorizing art in which things and ideas were inseparable.
  6. The Sgraffito murals are in a Renaissance style and allegorize Space, Time, Poetry, and Prose.
  7. This work gave rise to a tendency to allegorize Biblical narratives, and to downplay the role of miracles.
  8. Stripped almost naked, they stood as the focal point of history, " neither idealized nor allegorized ."
  9. Alchemical writers used Classical figures from Greek, Roman, and Egyptian mythology to illuminate their works and allegorize alchemical transmutation.
  10. Thomas Middleton's 1624 play " A Game at Chess " allegorized the events surrounding the Spanish Match.


  1. make into an allegory; "The story was allegorized over time"
    पर्याय: allegorise
  2. interpret as an allegory
    पर्याय: allegorise

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