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  1. The best anagrams are the ones that reveal something about the word or name you're anagramming.
  2. Once the offset has been determined, then Holmes would have what amounted to a straight transposition of the letters not determined by tinkering with the cribs, and use methods such as multiple anagramming to crack it.
  3. For Toronto, the impossible stations were named after streets, so the namesake's designation as " Avenue " or " Street " was appended before anagramming ( Queen became Queen Street became Queerest Ten ).
  4. Edley was hired as an expert consultant for the National Scrabble Association and served as its Director of Clubs and Tournaments from 1988-2009 . He has published on Amazon . com : ANAGRAMMAR ( 2011 ), which is a puzzle book designed specifically to improve the average wordgame player's anagramming ability.

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