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  1. The functioning of the anal canal can be damaged, traumatically or atraumatically.
  2. Anterior fistulas will have a direct track into the anal canal.
  3. The anorectal canal develops into the rectum and the anal canal.
  4. The internal anal sphincter forms the walls of the anal canal.
  5. The anal canal at the posterior end is a deep slot.
  6. The procedure would involve inserting a swab into the anal canal.
  7. Margaret Daigneault ( pronounced DAN-yo ) battled anal canal cancer nearly two years ago.
  8. There must also be efficient co-ordination of rectal sensation and relaxation of the anal canal.
  9. The anal canal is the short straight section of bowel between the rectum and the anus.
  10. The anal canal is divided into three parts.

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