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  1. The snake has an entire anal plate and single subcaudals.
  2. The ventrals are 221-239 . The anal plate is entire.
  3. The ventral scales are rounded, and the anal plate is single.
  4. The dorsal scales are weekly keeled, and the anal plate is entire.
  5. Ventral scales are 147-148 in number; the anal plate is entire.
  6. Ventrals 127-151; anal plate divided; subcaudals divided 59-79.
  7. anal plate is divided in Arizona specimens, but is entire in South American specimens.
  8. Ventrals 142-144; anal plate entire; subcaudals 75-77, divided.
  9. Ventrals 178; anal plate divided; subcaudals also divided ( in two rows ).
  10. Ventrals 132-142; anal plate divided; subcaudals 51-71, divided.

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