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  1. Animal worship during the Upper Paleolithic was intertwined with hunting rites.
  2. Animal worship during the Upper Paleolithic intertwined with hunting rites.
  3. Animal worship was common in the ancient world, influencing the burial practices of animals . special significance to cats in some areas.
  4. The classical author Diodorus explained the origin of animal worship by recalling the myth in which the gods, supposedly threatened by giants, hid under the guise of animals.
  5. The four of them travel to the Orchard of Duir, a place where in legend, the Green spirit ( whom many of the woodland animals worship ) planted seven trees before winter came.
  6. One of Robertson Smith's more influential essays, " Animal Worship and Animal Tribes among the Arabs and in the Old Testament ", directly follows MacLennan's ideas on totemism.
  7. As a form of animal worship, whales and snakes ( hence dragons ) have been regarded as godly deities throughout the world ( other animals are such as turtles, fish, crabs, and sharks ).
  8. Chinese folk religion also retains traces of some of its ancestral neolithic belief systems which include animal worship, as well as and worship of the sun, moon, earth, the heavens, and various stars.
  9. Likewise, some scientists have proposed that Middle Paleolithic societies such as Neanderthal societies may also have practiced the earliest form of totemism or animal worship, in addition to their ( presumably religious ) burial of the dead.
  10. There are only two tiny churches 30 kilometers ( 20 miles ) in either direction along the beach, one evangelical and the other of a Baptist persuasion intermingled with African animal worship rites left over from the days of slavery.

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