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  1. All had been ready Friday morning, but the sheep weren't very interested in apple pomace.
  2. Strategically placed fermenting apple pomace _ what's left after the cider has been extracted _ attracted the sheep, hooking them on a morning sugar high.
  3. He is remembered for his investigations on the nature of ozone and its diffusion into the atmosphere; as well as for various studies of fertilizers and for his research involving apple pomace.
  4. Later, in the 1920s and 1930s, factories were built that commercially extracted pectin from dried apple pomace and later citrus-peel in regions that produced apple juice in both the USA and in Europe.
  5. The apple press itself consisted essentially out of a wooden base with a surrounding groove to catch the juices upon which the apple pomace is placed and a wooden platform which pressed down on the apples.

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