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  1. Apple scab is caused by the fungus " Venturia inaequalis ".
  2. It is resistant to apple scab and susceptible to blossom frost.
  3. Apples are prey to unsightly cedar-apple rust, borers, woolly apple aphids and apple scab.
  4. Fifteen genes have been found in apple cultivars that confer resistance against apple scab.
  5. Your backyard tree has apple scab, which the wet, cool weather has encouraged this summer.
  6. Harvested from late October with sharp taste mostly recommended for cooking, Susceptible to apple scab
  7. The apple became popular after 1900, when the first sprays for apple scab were developed.
  8. It is very resistant to apple scab and have some resistance against the other common diseases.
  9. Conventional orchards that spray fungicides against apple scab, treat soot blotch and flyspeck at the same time.
  10. If unsprayed, the McIntosh succumbs easily to apple scab, which may lead to entire crops being unmarketable.

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