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  1. Every so often, something comes along and upsets the applecart.
  2. They're looking for ways to upset the applecart.
  3. This is an unstable environment, a GOP applecart waiting to be overturned.
  4. Any revival of inflation could also upset the applecart.
  5. "But that's an idea that upsets the archeological applecart.
  6. Then again, why upset the applecart?
  7. Dior, Christian Lacroix and Kenzo,-seems determined to keep upsetting the applecart.
  8. "It's in no one's interest to upset the applecart ."
  9. So Madeleine Albright is not the first Secretary of State to have her applecart overturned by the US Congress.
  10. The applecart was finally upset when a senior manager retired and announced that he wanted to sell a huge block of stock.

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