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  1. No single method can assess impact of contamination-induced degradation of sediment across aquatic communities.
  2. For an article summarising these communities see Aquatic communities in the British National Vegetation Classification system.
  3. Though the spotted sunfish itself is not threatened, managing for this fish benefits the entire aquatic community.
  4. Aquatic communities are often dominated by producers that are smaller than the consumers that have high growth rates.
  5. But that's just a general trend; there is recent research suggesting some aquatic communities are very " top heavy ".
  6. Genetic diversity assessments of " Nothonotus " populations are often conducted to determine the consequences of siltation on aquatic communities.
  7. Habitat characteristics include sediment type, type of bottoms ( sand, silt and clay ), structures underlying the water surface, and aquatic community structures.
  8. De Bruijn does have a brother of some interest to the aquatics community; he is a water polo player on the Dutch Olympic team.
  9. Thus, in contrast to widely publicized reports to the contrary, the species appears to have many beneficial ecological effects on aquatic communities in the Mediterranean Sea.
  10. The aquatic communities of the NVC were described in Volume 4 of " British Plant Communities ", first published in 1995, along with the swamps and tall-herb fens.

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