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  1. A business will most often have more than one asset account.
  2. Lin's operating assets account for almost $ 1.5 billion of the sale price.
  3. An increase to the bank's asset account is a debit.
  4. Gratry's ADR wrap assets account for almost half its total assets of $ 110 million.
  5. The asset growth included increases in cash resources, loan portfolios, investments and other asset accounts.
  6. Lin's operating assets account for almost $ 1 . 5 billion of the sale price.
  7. PITI must come directly from one of the borrower's seasoned asset accounts that can be verified.
  8. This also allows for tracking of inventory in asset accounts and claims to inventory in ownership accounts.
  9. Besides exploring all these features, investors must decide if a central asset account meets their personal needs.
  10. When the construction in progress is completed, related long-term asset account is debited and CIP account is credited.

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