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  1. It is a tool for diversifying risk in their asset portfolios.
  2. Clients receive a suitable allocated assets portfolio proposal via software-as-a-service ( saas ).
  3. This restriction left the asset portfolios of small banks dangerously undiversified.
  4. The functions and business processes within those units are asset portfolios.
  5. Examples include microarray data in genetic research, or real-time multi-asset portfolio trading in finance.
  6. This move, besides bringing ICICI closer to its customers, will broaden its asset portfolio.
  7. Products, services, intellectual property, technology and systems _ they are all asset portfolios, too.
  8. "It is a tool for diversifying risk in their asset portfolios, " he said.
  9. A further ?63 million credit card asset portfolio was purchased from MBNA in 2014.
  10. The MIF asset portfolio was leveraged by RTC-provided seller financing.

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