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  1. Again, it can be explained as associative learning, perhaps followed by artificial selection.
  2. Most recently, his lab is investigating the impact of exercise on drug associative learning.
  3. Impaired associative learning may make behavioural therapies involving conditioning approaches for alcoholics less effective.
  4. Some of the alternatives to rote learning include meaningful learning, associative learning, and active learning.
  5. Performance in non-associative learning paradigms, like habituation and sensitization, was not affected by the virus.
  6. Many of these behaviours are simply Associative learning.
  7. There is also additional evidence that the neuropil may function in olfactory associative learning and memory.
  8. This pathway is proposed to result in inhibition of specific motor programs based off of associative learning.
  9. The problems arise in two key areas of the brain related to spatial memory and associative learning.
  10. Like classical conditioning theory ( Pavlov's dogs salivate at the sound of the bell ), expectancy involves associative learning.

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