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  1. Gumbleton has acted as a keynote speaker at Call to Action conferences.
  2. Still, they balked at calls for a new, centralized European intelligence agency.
  3. E-mail and Internet communications are gradually adding new twists at call centers.
  4. Edelman and Balk have been toiling at Call Again for two decades.
  5. While Nuance marketed their technology at call-center exhibitions, they rarely delivered solutions directly.
  6. Dirk Heerdegen said about 270 jobs would go at call centers in Hamburg and Munich.
  7. In self-evaluation, I look back at calls myself.
  8. There are a few Israelis in Manila working at call centers and a few other executives.
  9. CR 83 begins and ends near different entrances to CR 75's northern terminus at Call Hollow Road.
  10. Thus the original lambda expression ( FIX G ) is re-created inside itself, at call-point, achieving self-reference.

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