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  1. :: : : There are many categories that are attractive nuisances.
  2. Such an attractive nuisance may impose a duty of care even towards trespassers.
  3. Avoid being distracted by attractive nuisances like editing.
  4. I've nominated them for deletion, as they present an attractive nuisance.
  5. 3 ) Has been an attractive nuisance to the subject for some four years.
  6. However, three separate incidents suggest the situation is a bit of an attractive nuisance.
  7. Issues like due care and attractive nuisance and such would apply based on common law.
  8. An attractive nuisance as they say.
  9. It sat empty and rotting, an unattractive " attractive nuisance " until finally removed in 1974.
  10. Since these trespassers are considered " anticipated " they are excepted under the doctrine of attractive nuisance.

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