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  1. The azimuth angle ? increases counterclockwise as illustrated in figure 3.
  2. The RHEED pattern would be different for each azimuth angle.
  3. Viewed from different azimuth angles, the observed backscatter from these waves varies.
  4. The azimuth angle would go from 0 to 2?.
  5. It can, however, still measure radar backscatter at a fixed azimuth angle.
  6. The horizontal axis is the azimuth angle in degrees ( 180?is facing south ).
  7. Figure 5 shows a schematic diagram of an electron beam incident on the sample at different azimuth angles.
  8. Because of the acoustic beam pattern, identical targets at different azimuth angles will return different echo levels.
  9. Users generally index at least 2 RHEED scans at different azimuth angles for reliable characterization of the crystal s surface structure.
  10. The incident electron beam is incident on an identical surface structure at a different azimuth angles in a ) and b ).

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