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  1. -Daniel Baal, French member of the International Cycling Union.
  2. His wife Jezebel was a devotee to Baal worship . ()
  3. Got updated to 7th Edition with Shield of Baal : Leviathan.
  4. He is a baal teshuva ( returnee to Orthodox Judaism ).
  5. Baal is the loser and is therefore sent back to hell.
  6. Baal goes into insulin shock and her game body becomes still.
  7. The supreme divine couple was that of Tanit and Baal Hammon.
  8. Only one public road, Baal Street, enters the locality.
  9. While the Israelites stayed at Baal-peor, enraging God.
  10. Palmer shrinks to a tiny height and Baal steps on him.

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