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  1. The Lassers babysat so their mother could stay at the hospital.
  2. Neighbors and family members said they also often babysat for the girl.
  3. Not mother, though : She had babysat the young George Gershwin.
  4. Why, she hasn't babysat since Saturday.
  5. Johnson had babysat his and Ginny's sons.
  6. The latter sketch revealed that Debbie babysat Swank when Swank was a child.
  7. He also helped his fellow superheroes and babysat for Nighthawk and the Redeemers.
  8. These fantasies revolved around murdering and cannibalizing a neighborhood girl who babysat him.
  9. Sophie babysat the two pups, Nugget and Beaker, along with Simon.
  10. He babysat for son Cameron Wednesday and took him to the Tiger Woods clinic.

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