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  1. Graduation from Highland entails a baccalaureate service and a commencement ceremony.
  2. Will the baccalaureate service and Christmas carols be the next to go?
  3. In May 2011, Bloomberg was the speaker for Princeton University's 2011 baccalaureate service.
  4. She was elected Homecoming Queen and selected to speak at her graduating class'Baccalaureate service.
  5. In 1922, the first joint commencement was held, but baccalaureate services remained separate until 1942.
  6. The second verse is rarely heard & ndash; only at formal ceremonies such as commencement and baccalaureate services.
  7. Until recent years, school-sponsored baccalaureate services were common in American public schools, on school grounds.
  8. The traditional baccalaureate service in church before graduation quietly resumed two years ago after being halted for nearly two decades.
  9. At commencement, the university uses St . Paul's for a Baccalaureate Service to commemorate graduates'achievements.
  10. He delivers weekly chapel services at the school, as well as the annual baccalaureate service held at Trinity Church each May.
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