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bad:    नाश सड़ा हुआ बुराई
conductor:    गार्ड चालक नायक
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  1. Instead, skin is both a bad insulator'and'a bad conductor.
  2. "What Musin taught was a foundation; everything else I learned from master classes of very good and bad conductors.
  3. Bad conductors confuse an orchestra by giving conflicting signals or, often, by showing off too much for the audience.
  4. Never underestimate the resentment of orchestra players toward the bad conductor who takes credit for their ad hoc rescue operations.
  5. The amorphous structure of a-Si implies high inherent disorder and dangling bonds, making it a bad conductor for charge carriers.
  6. But Masur insists Mendelssohn late in life was developing the fire of the romantics, but those works receive less attention _ or suffer from bad conductors.
  7. Hitler thought Karajan a bad conductor, and the Nazis caused him a great deal of trouble, and so did the personal and musical animosity of the most important conductor of the era, the " apolitical"
  8. Coal is actually a pretty bad conductor of heat ( which is why you can pick up an ember with your bare hands and toss it back in the fire, if you're quick about it, or walk on coals ), so it doesn't let go of it too easily.

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