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  1. London, Tokyo and New York have long been known as banking capitals.
  2. About 75 percent of the banking capital is concentrated in Moscow,
  3. The problem of drug abuse has long plagued Zurich, Switzerland's wealthy banking capital.
  4. He spent the winter of 1287 1288 in Genoa, a famous banking capital.
  5. Total banking capital of Kazan banks is third in Russia.
  6. Intelligence Unit reports that foreign investment accounts for approximately 50 percent of total banking capital.
  7. It is housed in a silver skyscraper in the heart of Frankfurt, Germany's traditional banking capital.
  8. Henin-Hardenne, on the other hand, arrived at the banking capital as one of the hot favorites.
  9. And it leaves Philadelphia, the nation's first banking capital, without a major bank that calls it home.
  10. At the same time, we must not indefinitely constrain the participation of Western banking capital in Russia.

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