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  1. Overcoming this repulsion costs a considerable amount of energy, which is known as the " Coulomb barrier " or " fusion barrier energy ".
  2. Sha Ka Ree was believed by Spock's older half-brother Sybok to be located at the center of the galaxy, hidden behind the Great Barrier energy field.
  3. The amount of energy that needs to be applied to force the nuclei together is termed the " Coulomb barrier " or " fusion barrier energy ".
  4. Mike Wallace became the first Winston Cup Series driver to hit the SAFER Barrier energy-absorbing system when he was involved in a crash with Brett Bodine exiting Turn 2.
  5. Generally, less energy will be needed to cause lighter nuclei to fuse, as they have less charge and thus a lower barrier energy, and when they do fuse, more energy will be released.
  6. This leads to the following expression for the dependence of the barrier energy on distance " x ", measured from the " electrical surface " of the metal, into the vacuum or into the semiconductor:
  7. If the barrier energy for going from intermediate to product is much higher than the one for reactant to intermediate transition, it can be safely concluded that a complete equilibrium is established between the reactant and intermediate.
  8. Although there are a number of ways to do this, the simplest is to simply heat the gas mixture, which, according to the Maxwell Boltzmann distribution, will result in a small number of particles with the required energy even when the gas as a whole is relatively " cool " compared to the Coulomb barrier energy.
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