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  1. Belligerent rights would only be granted when substantial progress was made on volunteer withdrawal.
  2. In late August Asquith made an important speech on belligerent rights, angering Campbell-Bannerman.
  3. The Republicans praised the improved safety of the shipping routes, but were somewhat unhappy that belligerent rights had not been granted to both sides.
  4. The Nationalists demanded belligerent rights first, then withdrawals of 10, 000 from each side after, which amounted to a rejection of the plan.
  5. White was associated with another high profile case, " Kitzmiller v . Williams ", which involved the belligerent rights of former Confederate soldiers.
  6. Lord Clarendon has been accused of an abandonment of what are termed the belligerent rights of Great Britain, which were undoubtedly based on the old maritime laws of Europe.
  7. Germany and Italy requested that land controls be kept, and belligerent rights be given to the Nationalists, so that rights of search could be used by both the Republicans and Nationalists to replace naval patrols . or perhaps leaving non-intervention.
  8. Chancery or King's Bench divisions but where the subject-matter of the petition arose out of the exercise of belligerent rights on behalf of the Crown, or would be heard in a prize court if the matter were in dispute between private persons, the applicant could at his option start his petition in the Admiralty Court.

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