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  1. The breakwater at Ngamotu was completed in 1883, providing safe berthage for vessels, and the Moturoa wharf was completed in 1888.
  2. The site contains approximately 21, 625 m2 ( 5.34 acres ) of property, with a berthage length of 313 m and a depth of 9 m.
  3. The Port of Cork company is a commercial semi-state company responsible for the commercial running of the harbour as well as responsibility for navigation and berthage in the port.
  4. Port Motueka, south-east of Motueka, on a tidal lagoon of some, provides sheltered berthage for coastal vessels and is the Gateway to the Abel Tasman National Park.
  5. The group also formerly operated the " Farley Mowat " ( impounded by the Canadian government, with Sea Shepherd having stated that they have no intention of paying the legal fines and berthage fees to recover their now obsolete vessel ) and the " Ady Gil ", formerly known as the " Earthrace " ( sunk after a collision with the whaling security vessel in early 2010 ) as well as a number of earlier vessels.

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