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  1. The pre-and post-flight testing consisted of graded exercise tests conducted on a bicycle ergometer.
  2. The depth is sufficient to allow divers to maintain an oxygen partial pressure of 1.3 bicycle ergometer.
  3. Forces developed in pedaling a bicycle ergometer are typically tens of pounds and are thus incapable of maintaining leg strength.
  4. The Wingate test can be completed on several types of bicycle ergometers, which can be controlled with either mechanical or electromagnetic brakes.
  5. During his off-duty time, Apt exercised on the bicycle ergometer and recorded his heart rate and perceived exertion for biomedical investigators.
  6. On Skylab 2, only the bicycle ergometer was available for the in-flight exercise, with testing performed 18 days before launch and 5 days after landing.
  7. On Skylab 4, the crew used the bicycle ergometer at essentially the same rate as on Skylab 3, as well as the MK-I and MK-II Mini Gym exercisers.
  8. Only the bicycle ergometer was used on Skylab 2, the MK I and MK II  Mini Gym exercisers were added for Skylab 3, and a passive  treadmill was flown on Skylab 4.
  9. All three Blue Team astronauts exercised on the bicycle ergometer during their work shift for an ongoing biomedical study of exercise as a possible countermeasure for the deconditioning which astronauts experience in their cardiovascular systems during space missions.
  10. The bicycle ergometer proved to be an excellent machine for aerobic exercise and cardiovascular conditioning, but it was not capable of developing either the type or level of forces needed to maintain strength for walking under 1G.
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