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  1. Try to convince Biddy to shut up and let me concentrate.
  2. It occurs to me that Biddy and I are just alike.
  3. I used to average 26 a game, in Biddy ball,
  4. She does and discovers Biddy the Siamese cat curled up on the
  5. through my office window to catch Biddy napping on the sill.
  6. Ask a question and Biddy answers truthfully and to the point.
  7. Biddy is a Siamese cat . . . my Siamese cat.
  8. Then there will be two of us for Biddy to boss.
  9. She can do anything, that iddy-biddy little thing.
  10. You've let Biddy shred your house for almost a decade.


  1. young bird especially of domestic fowl
    पर्याय: chick
  2. adult female chicken
    पर्याय: hen

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